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We create innovative SaaS solutions for the B2B segment, allowing companies to apply fully automated solutions across the entire customer interaction flow.

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Online no-code platform, easy to implement, simple to manage, customizable to the specific needs of the debt collection and recovery department.


Cloud omnichannel communication platform that strengthens your company's relationships with customers.

Quantic White Label

Customizable solution of the Collector and Link platforms to match your corporate identity, domain, and better interact with your customers.

Collector will boost your accounts receivable recovery

Our debt collection software helps companies recover overdue accounts as quickly as possible. That's why we get our clients' operations up and running in just a few days.

  • Digital & Fast

    Communicate with your customers through their preferred digital channels and resolve outstanding debts in minutes.

  • Collection Strategy

    Decision-making based on machine learning and behavioral analytics.

  • Flexible & "No Code"

    Our solution can be quickly implemented through our no-code platform with just a few clicks and without any IT resources.

Interact with customers on any channel, at any time.

Connect with customers wherever they want to interact with you, from text messages to emails, automated phone calls, within a single powerful platform.

Use our API to run multichannel campaigns that keep your customers close while expanding your business globally.

  • "Not every day do we come across a company that presents itself as a potential client and becomes one of the most relevant strategic partners in our organization."

    Sergio Antunes, General Manager.

  • "QuanticBI has demonstrated the ability to present innovative, scalable, and reliable solutions that have met the communication needs of our organization."

    Pedro Meireles, IT Manager.

  • "While the service is excellent, what stands out most in this company is the human factor. If, for some reason, there is a need for an urgent response, it arrives immediately."

    Marta Souto, Marketing Manager